Why BB4TheLord2

Why BB4TheLord2: My first blog, bb4thelord.blogspot.com was began a couple years after I became a young widow. After ten years on that journey of widowhood, I took a break from blogging. Now the time has come to begin again. Writing is a gift God has given me and I must get back into using the gifts God has given me.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I played a crazy game tonight with my children and niece and nephew. It was a mixture between army, capture the flag, and hide-n-seek. I learned a few things about myself and the children. I learned that as a momma I have more patience then they do. I could hide and just wait them out. I also had more heart to endure. When my son was chasing me, I fled to the woods and then quickly hid. The mosquitoes were horrible bullies, but I stayed hidden till all was clear. I also had courage to ambush two of them at once. The surprised look on their faces was hilarious, so hilarious that I fell to the ground laughing and they tagged me out!

I am glad I played with the children. I also am thankful for the strategies I learned. I needed them in the game and I need them in life:
  • Patience is essential; sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut and wait trials out.
  • A heart to endure is crucial, for sometimes the safest place is where you have to endure the bullies.
  • Courage is worth it all, even it you fail the mission. At least I faced the adversary.
  • Oh, another lesson it is feels great to fall down laughing, especially when I don't laugh as often as I should.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Powerful Tracts

This morning at church a visiting gentleman gave me a tract, two tracts actually.
Read them here: His Story and Her Story:Shot, But Not Down--Praise God!

What was most touching to me was that these tracts were basically his testimony and his wife's testimony, not only of their salvation through Jesus Christ, but also of God's hand of protection and healing during a family tragedy. I have read many, many tracts through the years. I have given away many of them. But these were different. These were personal. The very person whose life and salvation was summed up on a trifold, glossy pamphlet had handed it to me. The very woman who was shot at a park and survived sat in front of me and we worshipped the Lord together. Powerful testimony. And a powerful challenge to me. 

If my life was put on a tract, what would be my message?

Would it make others look to Jesus and cry out for salvation?

And would  my daily life back up the printed message?

Lord, thank You for challenging my heart. May I be a faithful ambassador for You.