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Why BB4TheLord2: My first blog, bb4thelord.blogspot.com was began a couple years after I became a young widow. After ten years on that journey of widowhood, I took a break from blogging. Now the time has come to begin again. Writing is a gift God has given me and I must get back into using the gifts God has given me.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

God's Provision

My sister-in-law sent me this many weeks ago. The LORD made it so real to me last month.
As the month stretched on, and the budget got tighter, and I looked at the bills due.....I sighed deeply and told the LORD I didn't know how this was going to work out. Three days before the end of the month, I got the call that the men who had talked to me many months ago about harvesting timber were ready. Three days later, they gave me a down payment on the trees they had harvested. The following week, they paid me the rest.  They also gave me a scripture plague.

Ah, LORD God.......there is nothing too hard for Thee. Jeremiah 32:17

Oh, me of little faith!  Why do I worry and fret? My LORD has taken care of us this far, and HE will do so in the future.  I went for a walk in the woods yesterday. Many trees are gone, it looks much different, not even especially beautiful. But I found a stump on the edge of the logging trail and just sat. The sound of the wind through the trees was so calming, and the wind in my hair was refreshing.

"Thou art Mine." 

"There is nothing too hard for ME." 

"Fear not."

The LORD planted those trees many long years ago, knowing at this time this year, this mom was needing the financial blessing they could provide. I never sought anyone to harvest them. The LORD direct to someone to me.  The LORD knows my address. He also sent someone to inquire about buying the wood for firewood that the harvester couldn't take. Ah, LORD God....You see, You know, You care.

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