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Why BB4TheLord2: My first blog, bb4thelord.blogspot.com was began a couple years after I became a young widow. After ten years on that journey of widowhood, I took a break from blogging. Now the time has come to begin again. Writing is a gift God has given me and I must get back into using the gifts God has given me.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Lord is Faithful

At night, when the children are in bed, where do you pray?  Some nights I go to my room and sit on my bed. Many other nights I walk up and down the hallway by the boys' rooms. I wonder what they will remember when they are adults.

Some nights my voice is weary and I walk slowly almost dragging my feet. Sometimes I pace quickly calling on the Lord in desperation to work in a situation. Some nights it is a steady rhythm of my feet in time with the tears that slide down my face for my unsaved family. Sometimes my voice is choked and the tears fall hot and fast, and boys slip out of their beds and reach out to me as I pass their doors.

And there are many nights also that I pour out gratitude to my precious Saviour who has blessed us so much, to my great God who has cared for us so tenderly, so personally, so detailed, so knowingly.  I walk up and down the hall like I'd walk with an old friend to the next place we are traveling and reminiscing the whole way about our journey together.

My Lord has been so faithful. I don't know what the boys will remember when they recall my nightly prayer walking in the hall. But I pray they remember this most of all---the Lord is Faithful

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